From Our Customers...


I found Fulton Quality Construction by accident in 2006 when we were beginning renovation on the Randall Day Building downtown in Bonners Ferry. I had interviewed three qualified contractors and wasn't sure who to decide upon. The fourth contractor was Tim Fulton and I felt immediately that he was my contractor. He was straight forward, confident, and professional. He made me feel like my job was his most important job and I never felt like he was "fitting me in." Since then, Tim and his team have been on board with every renovation project I have taken on, including the complete re-do of a commercial building from a fire and the entire exterior update of the Bonnerport Building at the city parking lot. He has also taken on tough structural repairs that have required him to work closely with engineers, insurance companies, and city planning. There is no other contractor I will work with since building my history with Fulton Quality Construction, and when someone asks me for a recommendation, I have Tim's cell number programmed into my phone to hand out.

Carolyn Testa

Charles and Cheryl Fox, Trustees of The Fox Trust purchased the building at the corner of Kootenai and Main streets in Bonners Ferry Idaho that houses Groove Studios February 2009. Our intent in purchasing the building was to lease office space to Fox Office Incorporated. One of the factors related to our decision to purchase the building was the quality of the Groove Studio interior improvements. Upon inquiry, the previous owner revealed that Fulton Quality Construction had been responsible for the interior improvements. Fulton Quality Construction is owned by Tim and Annette Fulton - upon inquiry, Tim was more than happy to meet and discuss plans to renovate the upstairs portion of the building. I spent an hour with Tim one afternoon discussing and reviewing the basic office layout, construction detail, interior appointments, technology infrastructure, plumbing and electrical and all that tenant improvements require. My occupancy requirement was July 1, 2009 and we established that barring any unforeseen issues that would not create any problems. When I arrived July 1 from California with a pickup and trailer loaded with our office equipment and files, Tim and his crew were there to help move; up 23 steps to the new office, finished exactly as planned and at the high quality of workmanship for which Tim and his crew are noted. Tim has since constructed a large shop and a new residence for us -- all at the same high quality of workmanship. 

Cheryl and I have worked both severally and jointly with many contractors and have had many varied experiences and outcomes -- most good and a few bad. Working with Tim, Annette and their crew is at the top of our list; the outcomes have been beyond expectations. Additionally, Tim and Annette utilize the services of sub-contractors that mirror their expectations of quality and enhance the relationship they cultivate with their clients. 

Cheryl and I do not hesitate to recommend the services of Fulton Quality Construction.

Charles and Cheryl Fox

As I look out my office window and see Tim Fulton up a ladder on a ledge repairing a sign hanging over the sidewalk, I am reminded again how blessed we are to have such a wonderful contractor available to all of us in our tiny town. This sign was damaged today by a delivery truck and when Tim was called, he realized the potential danger for people passing under this sign and immediately saw to it’s repair. This is the type of person Mr. Fulton is.

I first heard of Fulton Quality Construction when a local broker recommended them for the remodel of an office building my boss purchased. I had the opportunity to work with him many times over the phone while they were preparing the office for our relocation to Bonners Ferry.

When I asked my realtor to have a contractor check out a house we were purchasing, the name Fulton Quality Construction again came up and I was quite impressed with his thoroughness in checking the house from top to bottom.

Since we have moved up here, I have had the opportunity to see many projects Fulton Quality Construction has done. These range from a deck at a local deli, a 2nd garage added to an existing home where no one could tell it was added on years later, to a very large custom home where he needed to do a lot of custom work, down to a small project for me, when I had to replace our over the stove microwave and fan. The latter sounds simple, but of course the new microwaves are larger and my cabinet and it’s doors had to be cut down to allow clearance for my cook area. Tim arrived at our house after I had gone to work and took down the cabinet, assisted the cabinet builder and had it back and installed with the new microwave before I got home that evening after a meeting after work. I never even had to see the gap in my cabinets and you can not even tell that isn’t the original size of the cabinet.

I guess the point I really want to make is that I know that my family as well as many others in the community appreciate Tim Fulton and the fact that he shows the utmost respect for all customers no matter what size project they may have. He makes us all feel that our job is important and he shows the same attention to detail on the small jobs as he does on the large home construction.

As a homeowner, I am very grateful for Tim Fulton and Fulton Quality Construction, and I know that if, I need anything around my home repaired, I can pick up the phone and Tim will be here quickly to help. I have recommended his company many times and will continue to do so with pride.

Thank you again for all the support you show the community too.

Karen Daniels

Much thanks to Tim, Annette, and everyone at Fulton Quality Construction for the way you run your business. Every person, from Fulton or the sub-contractors, that has been in our basement on this job, has been professional, accommodating, and has made the entire experience a joy for my mom. The common tie in all of this is Fulton Quality Construction, it is great to know that you all want to do a great job and only work with other companies who want to do the same!

My construction business experience is limited, but I have seen MANY contractors and how they do business; the Fulton Quality Construction way is exceptional and rare!

Jason Steffen
Basement Remodel